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Green Social 

Green Social is an event held nearly every month and supported by GREENWILL. The event brings together those interested in environmental sustainability and is attended by a broad range of people from students and eco-activists, to business owners and members of the diplomatic corps.


Invitation to Launch a GREENWILL Country Chapter


  1. Summary

GREENWILL is a global initiative that provides free and flexible tools to organizations wanting to reduce costs and make a "green shift". To assist organizations in this process, GREENWILL provides its members with free Green Policies and Guidelines. GREENWILL presently has members in over 58 countries.

An important component of GREENWILL’s impact strategy is to operate both globally and locally—or ‘glocally’.

GREENWILL’s global headquarters in Central Europe features a large, multidisciplinary staff and cadre of volunteers. They design Green Policies, Green Guidelines and Self-assessment tools. They work on membership growth, partnership development, media outreach and speak at environmental conferences and events. They organize professional and social gatherings to build an environmentally-focused and eco-conscious community. And they advise their members on good environmental practices.    

As GREENWILL continues to grow, it is seeking to to decentralize its activities by encouraging the creation of Country Chapters. It is currently searching for partners to establish GREENWILL Chapters in the countries where they are based. Country Chapters will be locally managed and staffed. Working with the GREENWILL Global team, they will adapt and contextualize the GREENWILL approach to local contexts and manage its country-based outreach, impact and monitoring.


  1. Country Chapter Activities

GREENWILL Global  will work closely with each country office to ensure international and local efforts are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Some of the main activities and events Country Chapters might undertake include:


  1. Developing a country-based strategy, based on GREENWILL’s methodologies, to influence the environmental impact of businesses, organizations and individuals;

  2. Establishing a team (staff/volunteers/interns) to manage the Country Chapter;

  3. Establishing a local board of advisors;

  4. Translating all GREENWILL materials into local language(s), including relevant web and social media pages;

  5. Undertaking public outreach to build local membership and drive environmental impact;

  6. Undertaking traditional and social media outreach to raise awareness about GREENWILL;

  7. Organizing and hosting regular events to promote GREENWILL's mission and build its network (e.g. Green Socials)

  8. Participating in environmental and business forums to present GREENWILL and its mission.

  9. Liaising with the GREENWILL International office to coordinate strategy and share ideas and approaches.

  10. Others to be jointly decided by GREENWILL International and the Country Chapter offices.

Once a partnership has been agreed upon and permission to initiate a Country Chapter has been given, GREENWILL will provide mentorship support. This may include the creation and provision of some administrative powers to the Country Chapter to manage and operate a website and social media pages. All official GREENWILL documents and materials will also be provided by the central office. GREENWILL will assist Country Chapters to organize their first local events, such as the landmark Green Social.

GREENWILL Global will also facilitate the networking between all GREENWILL Chapters globally. GREENWILL anticipates a fluid and professional exchange of information and learning between all Chapters around the world.

Country Chamters should have a Board of Stakeholders. Members of the Board would be proposed by the Chapter and approved by GREENWILL Global. Tenure on the board would be 1 year - with possibility for annual renewal. The Board should be comprised of reputable persons from: government, schools, universities and business schools, business associations, chambers, employees' associations, and environmental NGOs.


  1. Who can apply to launch a GREENWILL Country Chapter?


GREENWILL believes that Country Chapters will have the capacity to become highly successful and financially sustainable organizations. They should be able to employ a number of staff members working on an initiative of great importance for the planet.


GREENWILL encourages individuals and non-profit organizations with a passion for environmental sustainability to contact the head office with a proposal to launch a GREENWILL Country Chapter. Ideally, the person/organization should already be publically recognized for their dedication to CSR and sustainability. Young, motivated individuals not yet bearing a distinguished track record in the field are also encouraged to submit proposals. What is important to GREENWILL is that applicants demonstrate a proven ability or future capacity to make a genuine impact in their communities and beyond.


A GREENWILL Country Chapter can be an officially registered entity, or it can act informally. Country Chapters can have a physical presence (e.g. an office or work station) or they can be virtually based. Country Chapter founders/directors should be creative self-starters with the capacity to both attract and lead a team and inspire others to make meaningful changes for the benefit of the planet. For nationals of large countries, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, China and Russia, it may make more sense to establish regional or city-based Chapters. All options will be considered during the application process and  during discussions regarding the terms of the partnership and establishment of the Country Chapter.


  1. How to apply to launch a GREENWILL Country Chapter?


If you or your organization is interested in establishing a GREENWILL Country Chapter, simply send an email to with the following information: 1) Name of target country or geographical region, 2) Statement of Interest, 3) CV and/or institutional description.

If GREENWILL is interested in the application a staff member will be in touch to initiate up a detailed conversation about the potential partnership. We look forward to hearing from you and to collaborating to make the world a better place.


For those persons and/or organizations interested in launching a GREENWILL Country Chapter, you may view the basic Terms and Conditions. This list is presently being developed and is subject to be amended at any time by GREENWILL International.

Download the country chapter program


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