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September 2015

Green Social Budapest

Green Social is an event held nearly every month and supported by GREENWILL. The event brings together those interested in environmental sustainability and is attended by a broad scope of people from students and eco-activists, to business owners and members of the diplomatic corps.



The global nonprofit GREENWILL initiative is executed by the members of the GREENWILL Staff with the Mentors guiding them along the work. The Steering Committee is responsible for guiding the initiative's outreach and impact strategies.


GREENWILL Steering Commitee
Board of Directors

Development Interns
Tom Nørring - Denmark David L. Castellanos - Colombia 
Tiberius Soltesz - Sweden Giorgios Pasakopoulos - Greece
Scott Abrams - USA Belén Martínez - Spain 
Kenty Richardson - Spain Tamta Revazishvili - Georgia
Michele Orzan - Italy Xueting Yu - China
  Melis Ozgel - Turkey 
GREENWILL Former Program Directors Anna Varfolomeeva - Russia
Scott Abrams - USA  Alison Duchâtel - France
Dávid Kovács - Hungary    Balaji Ayyappan - India
Robert Hodgson - Belgium  Charles Barlow - USA
 Raham Madani - Iran  Ricardo Renedo Williams - Spain
Andrea Elek - Hungary  
Etienne Desbordes - France Junior Managers 
 Mark Downey - Ireland  Alexandre Bergere - France
Rohit Kilpadi - India Nikoleta Diossy - Slovakia
Sandor Kantor - Hungary Emma Tai - Taiwan
Stewart Harvey - UK   Jangho Choi - Korea, South
Tamás Víg - Hungary Gülşah Sedefoğlu - Turkey 
  Juyoung Lillian Yi - Korea, South
GREENWILL Contributors - Junior Managers Jisu Park - Korea, South
Daniel Tajmel - Hungary Elena Korbainova - Russia
Justyna Mossakowska - Poland Maria Vogiatzi - Greece 
   Hansol Kim - Korea, South
GREENWILL Contributors  Heewon Kang - Korea, South
Agnes Fulep - Hungary Lisa Boer - Netherlands 
Aneliya Trayanova - Bulgaria  
Attila Gróf - Hungary  
Balazs Banyasz - Hungary  
Zuleykha Shirinova - Azerbaijan   
Bence Legradi - Hungary  
David Fuzes - Hungary  
David Moore - Canada  
Carlos Grande - Brazil  
Dalma Kokai - Hungary  
Debora Vincenzotti - Italy  
 Olavo Bevilaqua - Brazil  
Dimal Nathwani - UK  
Dora Linda Kocsis - Hungary  
Dóra Mocsinka - Hungary  
Eduardo Moreira - Brazil   
Emanuele Corso - Italy  
Emanuel Genoese - Italy  
Florian Drouet - France  
Gabriela Oliveira - Brazil  
Gergely Domokos - Hungary  
Giada Di Rosario - Italy  
Gloria King - USA  
Jessica Dias - Brazil  
Jonathan Garber - USA  
Juyoung Lillian Yi - Korea, South  
Katalin Bősze - Hungary  
Lucia Foglia - Italy  
Maina Skarner - Sweden  
Mariangela Rossi - Italy  
Maxime Mathis - France  
Michaela Prikopova - Czech Republic  
Natália Vraždová - Slovakia  
Perrine Deglaire - France  
Petra Szabó - Hungary  
Ryan Kharisma - Indonesia  
 Sharon Lubbers - Netherlands  
Simeon Apostolov - Denmark   
Sonia Crisan - Spain    
Sunday Shomide - Nigeria   
Tadhg Kavanagh - Ireland   
Tereza Raquel Barros Campos - Brazil  
 Veronika Bogodist - Russia   
Yann Alexandre Petretti - UK  
 Yayi Zheng - China  
Laura Alexandrescu - Italy  
  Henry Dias - Brazil  
Ylenia Viola - Italy  
 GREENWILL Language Contributors  
Anna Maksymova - Ukraine  






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