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September 2015

Green Social Budapest

Green Social is an event held nearly every month and supported by GREENWILL. The event brings together those interested in environmental sustainability and is attended by a broad scope of people from students and eco-activists, to business owners and members of the diplomatic corps.



GREENWILL is a global nonprofit initiative offering a free standardized environmental policy worldwide.

By adopting the GREENWILL pledge, any business, organization (formal or informal) or individual is provided with a clear, simple and completely voluntary path to becoming more environmentally friendly.


GREENWILL joins Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project to help spread the word and make sure the world achieves a strong emissions reductions agreement in Paris this autumn at COP21. Click here to sign the petition today and assure a greener world for tomorrow. And please make sure to pass along.
Voices around the world will be gathering together for 24 Hours of Reality this 13-14 November 2015 to make sure this petition is signed by as many as possible and that COP21 is a success.

The GreenAdvisor app will empower consumers to pressure businesses and institutions to be greener, and to reward those that already are.

GREENWILL invites students who are passionate about protecting the environment to become GREENWILL Student Ambassadors. The Ambassador program helps students with leadership skills undertake meaningful (and fun) events at their universities and in their communities while linking up with a global team of Student Ambassadors around the world. Click here to learn more and apply.

So, are you ready to be greener?

Start today by registering here. It's free.


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