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September 2015

Green Social Budapest

Green Social is an event held nearly every month and supported by GREENWILL. The event brings together those interested in environmental sustainability and is attended by a broad scope of people from students and eco-activists, to business owners and members of the diplomatic corps.


Green Tips



  • Purchase goods and services from companies that implement environmental policies.
  • Encourage your workplace to use alternative cleaning materials.


Office environment

  • Use a laptop instead of a desktop, if practical. It consumes about 50% less electricity.
  • Enable the power management function on your computer (the screensaver does not save energy).
  • Use paper clips, staples, string or non-toxic glue instead of adhesive tape when possible.
  • Use stick-type glues or basic white glue. Avoid glues and cements that emit the smell of solvents (e.g. rubber cement and hobby glue).
  • Replace the inkjet printer with a laser printer which is more cost-effective in longer term when much printing is needed.
  • Use one large power strip for your computer, modem, scanner, printer, monitor and speakers. Switch it off when equipment is not in use. This is a practical way to cut 5 - 10% of energy use.


General activities in organizations

  • If you send packages by courier, use a bicycle courier company for local deliveries.
  • Weatherproof your workplace to save energy.
  • Set up an environmental bulletin board to post notices about local environmental meetings, environmental news and green tips.
  • Lobby your company to set up a committee to monitor its environmental performance.
  • Make a sign for inside the front door that says "last one out turns off the lights." (also on printers, coffee machines, etc.)
  • Keep plants and flowers in office because they increase the rate of oxygen.


Personal tips

  • Use your own ceramic/reusable mug and glass at work.
  • Bring your lunch in a reusable container.
  • Help to educate your coworkers about the environment.
  • Encourage your company pension plan (and relatives, co-workers) not to invest in companies that harm the environment.




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