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Green Social 

Green Social is an event held nearly every month and supported by GREENWILL. The event brings together those interested in environmental sustainability and is attended by a broad range of people from students and eco-activists, to business owners and members of the diplomatic corps.


Green Guidelines

“Adopting sustainable practices in your business, organization or homestead can be simple, it only requires guidance and commitment”

Many businesses, organizations, public bodies and individuals wish to play their part in making the world cleaner and more sustainable. They also want to find ways to reduce costs, maximize output and improve their public image.

Here you can find a collection of guidelines, which can help you to achieve sustainability. They are in different languages and from different sectors so that you can choose the one that suits the needs of your endeavor.


Language Publisher Year  Name   Pages
EN Erasmus + 2016 Life Connection. Green Life Link 61
EN FR Government of Ontario 2016 Ontario's Five Year Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020  Link 86
EN ES FR RU CN AR International Finance Corporation 2016 Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines Link 99
EN Massachusetts Bar Association 2016 MBA Green Guidelines Link 7
EN CN Energy Innovation 2015 12 Green Guidelines - CDBC’S Green and Smart Urban Development Guidelines Link EN CN 69
EN Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Disaster and Beach Management 2015 Environmental Guideline for smart cities Link 18
EN Tulane Environmental Law Clinic 2015 My Guide to Environmental Protection in Louisiana Link 106
EN UK Life Makers Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental 2015  Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change Link  20
ES Eventos Sostenibles  2014 Manual de Eventos Sostenibles Link 41
EN Government of Newfoundland and Labrador 2014 Buy Green! A guide for purchasing Environmentally preferable products Link 118
ES Junta de Andalucia 2014 Educación Ambiental y Sostenibilidad Urbana Link 61
EN Sentencing Council UK 2014 Environmental Offences - Definitive Guideline Link 26
TR T.C. Anadolu University Publication 2014 Çevre Sorunları ve Politikaları Link 185
EN United Nation 2014 Protecting Your Environment. The Power Is in Your Hands  Link 37 
FR Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec  2012 Lignes directrices pour la réalisation des évaluations du risque toxicologique d’origine environnementale au Québec Link 133
EN LAPN Network 2012 4 Steps for a Cleaner, Greener Event Link 4
ES Rainforest Alliance 2012 Guía de Buenas Prácticas en Gestión Sostenible Link 48
FR Comité pour la protection de l’environnement (CPE) 2011 Manuel du Comité pour la Protection de l’Environnement Link 308
EN Environment Protection Authority, ACT Government 2011 Environment protection guidelines for construction and land development in the ACT Link 41
EN The Alliance of Religions and Conservation 2011 The Green Guide For Hajj Link 36
EN The Green City 2011 The Green City Guidelines Link 51
EN United Nation Industrial Development Organization 2011 UNIDO Green Industry Link 88
IT Impronta Etica 2010 La Realizzazione di Eventi Sostenibili Link 34
FR Ministère des Transports du Nouveau-Brunswick 2010 Manuel de gestion de l'environnement Link 565
EN United States Environmental Protection Agency 2009 A Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Link 24
VN Bộ tài nguyên và môi trường 2008 Chương trình mục tiêu quốc gia ứng phó với biến đổi khí hậu Link 65
EN Environmental Readiness & Safety, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations & Environment), US DoD 2008 Environmental Guidebook for Military Operations Link 118
FR La Direction générale des parcs nationaux Agence Parcs Canada Gatineau (Québec) 2008 Principes et Lignes Directrices pour la Restauration Écologique Link 108 
EN Parliamentary Counsel Queensland 2008 Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 Link 318
EN UCD Urban Institute Ireland 2008 Green City Guidelines Link 115
EN Ministry of Environment 2007 Guidelines for Environmental Protection Measures at Chemical and Waste Storage Facilities Link 104
EN NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network (NSW ECEEN) 2007 Climbing The Little Green Steps Link 42
FR Service de lutte antimines des Nations Unies (SLAM) 2007 Sécurité et santé au travail: protection de l’environnement Link 21
FR Commission européenne  2005 Faites un geste pour l'environnement Link 13
EN Department of Environment and Conservation 2004 Composting and related organics processing facilities Link 83
EN Government of Canada 2004 A Guide to Understanding the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 Link 41
EN Environmental Protection Department - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 2003 Best Practices on Environmental Measures and Initiatives
Link 17
FR Ministre de l’Environnement Canada 2003 Lignes Directrices pour la mise en application de la partie 8 de la Loi canadienne sur la protection de l’environnement (1999) – Plans d’urgence environnementale Link 68
EN Government of Alberta 2000 Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Link 168
EN The Joumal of The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 1994 Environmental protection in South Africa Link 7
EN The Gazette of Pakistan 1997 Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 Link 25
EN City of Fremantle in conjunction with The Green Scene   Sustainable Events Checklist Link 6
EN Energy Star   Protecting our environment starts at home. 5 steps you can take to reduce air pollution Link 8
EN Government of Alberta   Environmental Protection Guidelines for Transmission Lines Link 5
FR Institut de Toulouse   Le respect de l’environnement Link 7
IT Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica   Manuale Eventi Sostenibili Link 31



Green Guidelines

Link EN CH




Language Publisher Year  Name   Pages
EN Digital Electronics Corporation 2017 Green Procurement Guidelines Link 8
EN CN Green Guide Inc 2017 Love Green Guide Link EN CN  
EN Toshiba TEC Corporation 2017 Guidelines for Green Procurement Link 13
EN ABB 2016 ABB Drives and Controls - The Green Guide to More Profitable Business Link 72
EN DIC Corporation 2016 DIC Group Green Procurement Guidelines Link 2
EN HU BG EE FR RO SI European Green Office 2016 European Green Office Handbook Link EN HU BG EE FR RO SI 117
EN Harvard University Office for Sustainability 2016 5 Ways to Save Big Around the Office Link 1
EN KUBOTA Group 2016 Green Procurement Guidelines Link 7
EN Dovetail Partners 2015 The Green Guides Link 12
EN National Audit Office 2015 Short Guide to Environmental protection and sustainable development Link 24
EN US Green Building Council 2014 Green Champions - Office Guidelines and Workbook Link 18
EN Renolit SE 2013 Sustainability at RENOLIT Link 12
EN On the move 2011 Green Mobility Link 44
EN E&E News 2010 Green Guides Link 2
EN Jones Lang LaSalle 2009 Green Office Guide Link 7
EN Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office 2009 Sustainable Procurement Product Guide - Office Furniture Link 22
EN Recycle Works  2009 Green Office Guide Link 44
EN Swire Pacific 2009 Swire Pacific Green Guidelines Link 23
EN The City of Portland - Oregon 2009 Creating a High Performance Workplace: Portland’s Green Tenant Improvement Guide Link 49
EN National Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee (NAEEEC) 2001 Green Office Guide Link 22
EN European Association of Communications Agencies   Think Global Act Local Link 6
EN Hudson Valley Community College   Green Office Practices. To Save Money & Help the Environment! Link 3


Language Publisher Year  Name   Pages
EN Ontario - Ministry of Education 2016 Green Schools, Resource Guide - A Practical Resource for Planning and Building Green Schools in Ontario Link 181
EN Center for Green Schools 2014 The Whole-School Sustainability Framework Link 24
EN Children’s Commissioner 2014 Guidelines for School Food Programmes Link 32
EN iobi 2014 ioby's guide to environmental projects in schools Link 7
EN The International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) 2014 Green Guide for Universities Link 148
EN CN Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC) 2013 Hong Kong Green School Guide Link EN CN 184
EN National School Climate Center 2013 School Climate: Practices for Implementation and Sustainability Link 56
EN National Collaborative for Childhood Obesity Research and the National Academy of Environmental Design 2012 Building Sustainable Schools for Healthy Kids Link 29
EN National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention 2011 School Mental Health Sustainability Guide for SS/HS Project Directors: Strategies to Build Sustainable School Mental Health Programs Link 15
EN UNESCO 2010 Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Tools Link 56
EN University of Notre Dame 2010 Green Guide Sustainable Office Practices Link 10
EN Bristish Columbia Ministry of Education 2008 Sustainable Schools. Best Practices Guide Link 34
EN Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 2007 Healthy Sustainable School - Guide for change Link 138
EN Department for Children, Schools and Families UK 2008 Planning a Sustainable School Link 89
EN Healthy School Network 2005 The Healthy School Environmental Action Guide Link 42
EN International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)   Guide for sustainable schools in Manitoba Link 85
EN NSW Government's environmental Trust   Little Green Steps. Sustainability Education for Childcare Centres  Link 12
EN UNESCO   Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Schools Link 27
EN ZAS Architects Inc.   Green Schools Resource Guide Link 181



Sector Language Publisher Year Name   Pages
Architecture ES Atelier O’Reilly 2011 Diez Pasos para la Construccion Sostenible Link 17
Architecture ES Administración de la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco Departamento de Vivienda, Obras Públicas y Transportes 2009 Guía de edificación sostenible para la vivienda en la comunidad autónoma del País Vasco Link 461
Banking and Finance EN The Banks Association of Turkey 2014 Sustainability Guidelines for The Banking Sector Link 13
Business EN Toyota 2016 Green Purchasing Guidelines Link 24
Business EN OECD 2011 Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit Seven Steps to Environmental Excellence Link 54
Business EN Nedbank   Making Greening your Business Happen Link 6
Energy IT Energy Villab 2014 Linee Guida per la sostenibilità energetica ed ambientale degli edifici industriali Link 118
Energy IT Provincia di Venezia 2011 Redazione, Implementazione e Monitoraggio dei Piani d’Azione per l’Energia Sostenibile Link 41
Environment FR Ministère de l'Environnement (Canada) 1999 Lignes Directrices pour le Traitement de Sol par Biodegradation, Bioventilation ou Ventilation Link 34
Events IT Dipartimento Tutela Ambiente e del Verde - Protezione Civile Osservatorio Ambientale sui Cambiamenti Climatici 2012 Linee Guida per l’Organizzazione di Incontri ed Eventi Sostenibili a Roma Link 16
Events EN Sustainable United Nations 2012 Stainable Events Guide Link 118
Events ES Universidad de Cantabria   Guía para la celebración de eventos y congresos sostenibles Link 63
Fashion IT Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana 2016 Linee Guida sui requisiti eco-tossicologici per gli articoli di abbigliamento, pelletteria, calzature ed accessori Link 39
Fashion EN Wrap 2015 Sustainable Clothing - A practical guide to enhancing clothing durability and performance Link 30
Film Production EN NBC Universial 2010 Sustainable Production Guide Link 33
Fishery EN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2015 Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries Link 34
Food Service IT Punto 3 - Progetti per lo sviluppo sostenibile 2010 La ristorazione sostenibile. Strumenti e soluzioni per ridurre gli impatti ambientali Link 36
Food Service  IT Conferscenti Emilia Romagna   Carta volontaria del ristorante sostenibile Link 27
Forest EN Rainforest Relief 2013 Guidelines for Avoiding Wood from Endangered Forests Link 13
Landscape Mngmnt EN Massachusetts Bar Association 2011 MBA Green Guidelines Landscape Management Link 4
Phytosanitary IT Syngenta (Italia) 2016 Linee Guida Uso Sostenibile Link 138
Sport IT Punto 3 Srl - Progetti per lo sviluppo sostenibile 2012 Manuale eventi sportivi sostenibili. Come organizzare eventi sportivi a ridotto impatto ambientale valorizzandone i benefici sociali, economici e ambientali Link 34
Technology EN Hewlett-Packard   Five Steps to Green Computing Link 4
Tourism IT Fiavet and L'Ente Bilaterale Nazionale  2015 L’Ambiente come elemento strategico per uno sviluppo turistico sostenibile. Indagine presso le imprese di viaggio  Link 71 
Tourism IT Convenzione delle Alpi 2013 Turismo Sostenibile nelle Alpi. Relazione sullo stato delle Alpi Link 140
Tourism IT Provincia di Rimini   Guida alle buone pratiche di Turismo Sostenibili Link 60
Transport IT European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans 2014 Linee Guida. Sviluppare e attuare un piano urbano della mobilità sostenibile Link 98
Viticulture IT Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare 2016 Linee Guida di Sostenibilità del progetto VIVA Link 7
Waste Mngmnt EN Naturvȧrdsverket 2005 A Strategy for Sustainable Waste Management Link 92 



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