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Green Social 

Green Social is an event held nearly every month and supported by GREENWILL. The event brings together those interested in environmental sustainability and is attended by a broad range of people from students and eco-activists, to business owners and members of the diplomatic corps.




Let’s preserve the environment together! We believe that in 2020 every organization across the world should be green.

All companies, organizations, public and private bodies should have a green policy and implement good environmental practices in their operations. Only together we can reduce the environmental footprints to ensure sustainable future.

We stand for a world which cares about the environment.

Immediate actions are needed now more than ever. An environmental conscious mindset of each individual is a prerequisite to face the challenge of sustainable development of our only planet Earth.


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Become a member of the GREENWILL Development Team!

GREENWILL is searching for interns and volunteers who would help developing the project in the following areas:
• Marketing and Sales
• Public Relations
• Copywriting
• Environmental Consultancy
• Law
• Research and Academic Publication
• IT and Web Development
• Graphic Design
• Project Management


GREENWILL Development Interns are located in Budapest, Hungary. Internships can be on full-time or part-time basis. The minimum duration of the internship is 3 months. The interns work with the GREENWILL team on the project development and assist companies and organization with the implementation of the Green Policy and practices.

To become a GREENWILL Development Intern apply here and send your CV with a photo and a motivation letter to Detailed information is available here.


GREENWILL Development Volunteers are individuals / enthusiasts around the world who support the GREENWILL cause and contribute to its realization. They are engaged differently in the processes of the project development based on their availability and motivation. Some of them work on different processes, others support or supervise only specific activities. The members of the Development Team represent GREENWILL among the society and encourage all kind of organizations to join the cause.

To become a GREENWILL Development Volunteer apply here and send your CV with a photo and a motivation letter to


Become a member of the Network Builders Team!


Network Builders are individuals who support GREENWILL’s mission of improving environmental sustainability and want contribute to its growth and success. They can be located anywhere in the world, and are keen to join the initiative and expand its horizons.


Why does GREENWILL have a team of Network Builders?


To make sure everyone can participate in the GREENWILL movement in one way or another. There are individuals, who would like to do more about environmental sustainability, and go a step forward from being green themselves. Being a network builder empowers them to spread the word so that others can follow them as well.


What does a GREENWILL Network Builder do?

1. Encourage organizations in their home city or anywhere in the world—via direct meetings conversations, networks of friends and associates, events, email, multimedia, etc.—to adopt GREENWILL.

2. Help companies and organizations implement the Green Policy and Green Guidelines (as provided by GREENWILL).


Why should I be a Network Builder?

Being a GREENWILL Network Builder is more than just telling your friends to be green, or showing them some ways how they can be more sustainable. By being a GREENWILL Network Builder you encourage the people you know to join a community of people who care about the environment, and this way ensure a longer lasting impact. GREENWILL registrants get their personalized environmental policy and Green Guidelines, which will help them get on the right track.



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